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1295725825_windermere_homes_and_lifestyles_2011_02_downmagazIn 1972, with the purchase of an eight-agent office in the Windermere neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, John Jacobi founded Windermere Real Estate. With this, John Jacobi set out to change the real estate industry by putting relationships before sales quotas, with an emphasis on service to clients and the community.

Passing leadership to the second generation, Windermere continues to be family owned. Partnering with other like-minded professionals, Windermere has grown into one of the largest independent real estate companies in the nation. Operating with integrity, a strict code of ethics, serious market expertise, and unwavering commitment to the community, the Windermere vision remains the same.


Windermere San Juan Island

windermere-friday-harbor-5Every time a Windermere agent sells a home, a portion of the commission goes to the Windermere Foundation to support non-profit organizations dedicated to helping homeless and low-income families. As with other Windermere offices, the San Juan Island office closes one day each year for Windermere’s Annual Community Service Day as a hands-on approach to helping the community by cleaning, landscaping, and painting at senior centers, public parks, schools, and low-income housing as well as other deserving recipients.

The agents love living in a community that is known for its charitable giving. While the office is proud of what is achieved with Windermere corporate, island living is unique. Proud to live the lifestyle, each and every agent at Windermere – San Juan Islands is personally involved in giving back to the community. They prove time and time again that service to others is not something you do; it is who you are.

They see in every relationship and every transaction an opportunity to extend the centuries old Windermere reputation for distinctive properties, commitment to the community, and above all, the highest level of service.