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One cannot help but fall under the spell of the San Juan Islands. The mesmerizing myriad of emerald green islands seem to shimmer and sparkle like jewels against a bright blue sky. Alluring, amazing, inviting — a very special place.

There are characteristics that are common to all of them: the isolation, the quiet privacy, the sheer physical beauty, the fascinating endemic species – but, at the same time, each is significant in its own right. The many moods and embracing presence of the all-encircling sea is the most important factor in the island community.

Surrounded by waters cooled year-round by Pacific currents and lying in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, the islands tend to enjoy a year round climate that is more moderate than other locations in the Pacific Northwest with considerably less rainfall.

The four islands served by the Washington State Ferry System – San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw – host the majority of the population. Each has its own full-time community. Some of the non-ferry serviced and less populated islands such as Henry, Waldron, Crane, Blakely, Decatur, and Stuart, also have vibrant though smaller communities. Additionally, there are privately owned islands.

From the larger islands to private islands, opportunities abound in a real estate market unlike anywhere else in the world.