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Island Style

Many island residents yearn for a simpler life – one more attuned with the natural world, based on pleasures rather than possessions, guided by needs rather than trends. At the same time, island residents are becoming more aware of the earth’s limited resources, and the necessity of doing more with less. These desires dovetail in a way that allows them to live a life in greater harmony with both themselves and their surroundings.


Style is not only an elusive term to define. It is also one of the most overworked words in the dictionary. Yet, it is still the best way to describe the rare ability to be appropriate and original – the flair those certain warm and welcoming homes always display while reflecting and enhancing the lives of those who live there. High style at low cost is the key to successful, practical remodeling and redecorating. Style has no price and, in fact, a low budget can actually lead to fashionable innovation!

Driftwood mirror

The secret of style is confidence. It is the confidence that people have in their own ideas and the fact that they are not afraid of expressing those ideas in their own homes. That is the secret of style and the reason it is not dependent on money. Devise a style of your own, whether you are short of money or time, or both.


Although it is more than just style, this return to nature doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic standards. Instead, it suggests new ones: seeing the beauty in the textures and subtle shading of natural materials, appreciating the serenity of a sparely furnished room. It suggests a way of life that is at once simple, beautiful, and environmentally sound. It is bending an existing space to meet the vision of where you want to live your daily life.